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 4 Decades of the Duang Prateep Foundation 
4 Decades of the Duang Prateep Foundation, the book of 117 pages retold the story of the foundation from pre-official registation to present situation. it will be helpful to the public as well as social workers.

Contact: dpf_found@hotmail.com( ΗΡΉ·Υθ10/12/2561 )
 Researching Supportive Materials for the Khlong Toei Relocation 
( ΗΡΉ·Υθ06/04/2561 )
 Best Practices for Lead Poisoning Prevention in Urban Bangkok Communities 
( ΗΡΉ·Υθ16/11/2558 )
 Palm Oil Processing Recommendations to Support the New Life Project for Underprivileged children 
( ΗΡΉ·Υθ16/11/2558 )
 Identifying Strategies to facilitate a successful relocation: The Informal settlement of Klong Toey 
( ΗΡΉ·Υθ16/11/2558 )
 CCTV Systems to Benefit the Khlong Toei Community 
( ΗΡΉ·Υθ16/11/2558 )
 Designing Safe Playgrounds for The Klong Toey Community 
( ΗΡΉ·Υθ16/11/2558 )
 Developing a Sustainable Water Management Model 
: Addressing Water Pollution in the Khlong Toei Slum in Bangkok, Thailand.( ΗΡΉ·Υθ01/10/2558 )
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