Montessori classrooms

            What a wonderful joy it was to enter into the various Montessori classrooms at Duang Prateep Foundation.

            I observe all the children engaged in various activities aiding their particular development needs. Children either working alone at mats or in groups at the tables, learning about the Thailand flag or writing numerals. Each child was focused on the materials they had chosen from the shelf, on completing the task, the child gracefully returned the tray or box on the shelf in its rightful place, then returned back to the mat to roll it up with care.

            Over the past 10 years I have visited many many Montessori Houses of Children in various countries, what I encountered at Duang Prateep Foundation would equal any other established AMI Montessori classroom in the world, (but the fact that all the directress only graduated nine months ago, is a great credit to there effort and management for providing, these children in this slum area of Bangkok, with a Montessori prepared environment with all the materials and presentations required). For these under-privileged children, what an education they are receiving!

            Duang Prateep Foundation is a wonderful example of a working Montessori classroom and is a role model for other schools wishing to choose this peaceful nurturing method of education, where children can learn at their own pace, where they are respected and can reach their full potential.

            Maxine Swensson

            AMI Montessori Directress 

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 Montessori classrooms
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